Final Draft Competed May 2016

Article I: Name and Principal Office

Section 1.1

The name of the league shall be the Charlottetown 8-Ball League, hereafter referred to as "the league".

Section 1.2

The principal office of the league shall be determined to be the residence of the Chair or Acting Chair of the league, unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors.


Article II: Objectives

Section 2.1

The objectives of the league shall be:

1) To maintain a competitive, respectful and enjoyable league environment for players of all skill levels;

2) To encourage interest and participation in the league by new teams, players and spectators;

3) To advance the level of skill and competition for all players, including men, women, and juniors;

4) To protect the mutual interest of league members;

5) To improve the conditions of games and the atmosphere where games are played;

6) To co-operate with other organizations engaged in the promotion of billiards whose objectives are compatible with the league;

7) To work with other billiards organizations to promote and standardize rules of play and equipment specifications.


Article III: Membership

Section 3.1

Membership fees are included in league fees as outlined the in the League Rules. An up-to-date membership entitles the member to participation in all Charlottetown 8-Ball league events, and general meetings as long as the player qualifies under event rules, and until such time as their membership either; expires, is suspended, or is terminated.

Section 3.2

For cause, any membership can be suspended or terminated. Sufficient cause for such action shall be violation of the constitution or bylaws or any lawful rule or practice duly adopted by the league, or any conduct prejudicial to the interests of the league. Suspension, termination, reinstatement, or appeals shall be governed by the Code of Conduct.

Section 3.3

A Code of Conduct shall be approved annually by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. As a condition of membership, each member is required to abide by and be subject to the rules of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will be enforced at all league events where members are present and on any platforms where the league or its members may be discussed in an open forum. Any violation may result in written warning, suspension, or termination of the membership by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Article IV: Board of Directors

Section 4.1

There shall be a minimum of five and not more than eleven directors voted to the Board of Directors by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. For a person to be voted in as a Director, a nomination must first be made, the person in question must accept the nomination, and the nomination must then be seconded. If a person declines a nomination it will be considered withdrawn. All nominations will then be voted upon by the general membership until the agreed upon number of Board members is reached. Directors will sit for a two year term, with the end of the term coming at the Annual General Meeting in two years time. No Director shall sit for more than three consecutive terms unless by 75 per cent majority vote of the membership.

Section 4.2

The Board of Directors shall have supervision, control, and direction over the affairs of the league. It may adopt such rules and regulations for conduct and business as deemed advisable, and may appoint such agents as it may consider necessary to pursue the objectives of the league.

Section 4.3

The Board of Directors shall meet as determined by the requirements of the league during any season or as deemed necessary and requested by the Chair or Acting Chair of the league.

Section 4.4

The Board of Directors must have a quorum of "50% plus one" of the directors present to conduct business. Meetings of the Board of Directors will be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Sections 4.5

Board members are expected to declare any conflict of interest and rescue themselves from debate, and voting, on the item in question. If a Board member does not declare a conflict of interest but there is concern a conflict may exist, the member can be removed from debate by majority vote of the Board.


Article V: Executive

Section 5.1

The Executive shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive offices are filled by the members of the Board of Directors determined best qualified by the Board’s membership. A majority vote, by secret ballot, shall elect. If a majority is not achieved, the nominee with the fewest votes is removed from the ballot. The process is repeated until a winner is declared. The offices of the Executive are two-year terms. No Executive member shall serve more than three consecutive terms.

Section 5.2

The Chair, as chief officer of the league, shall preside at all meetings. The Chair shall have and exercise general charge and supervision of the affairs of the league and be its official spokesperson. The Chair shall, if required, help appoint and be a member of all committees of the league. In the event of a tie vote, it is the responsibility of the Chair to break the tie.

Section 5.3

The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the event of his or her absence or disability, and may perform such other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Section 5.4

The Secretary shall record all the minutes of all meetings of the league and its Board of Directors and aid in co-ordinating communications with the membership of the league. The Secretary shall also keep a recorded list of all memberships within the league, and render an updated list to the Board of Directors at appropriate intervals during the year.

Section 5.5

The Treasurer shall keep all records of membership dues, sanction fees, and other monies paid to the league and render reports of the finances of the league to the Board of Directors at appropriate intervals during the year. The fiscal year for the league shall run from August 1 to July 31 of the following year. The Treasurer shall render a complete financial statement to the league at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Section 5.6

The Executive and Board of Directors of the league shall receive no compensation for their services. The Board of Directors may reimburse any member of the Executive, Board, or agent appointed by the Board, a reasonable sum to cover expenses incurred while performing duties of the league.


Article VI: Meetings

Section 6.1

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the league held at a time specified by the Board of Directors of the prior season; generally about mid-August of any year. A lead time of no less than two weeks will be considered sufficient notice for the A.G.M. The purpose of the A.G.M. shall be:

1) To clear up any old business pertaining to the previous season;

2) To discuss the format for the upcoming season;

3) To review and update the League Rules;

4) To review and update the Code of Conduct;

5) To set a preliminary playing schedule for the upcoming season, including dates for tournaments, major events, and meetings;

6) To elect the members of the Board of Directors

Section 6.2

Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and any other meeting to which the member is entitled to attend.

Section 6.3

The league will accept nominations from its player membership for persons to be named to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The same applies for nominations from the Board for persons to be named to the Executive at the Board of Directors meeting. The name may be added to the ballot being elected provided the nomination is accepted by the individual in question.

Section 6.4

Should the need arise for a position of the Board of Directors or the Executive to be filled on an interim basis, all nominations and voting procedures will be conducted as previously outlined, and the incumbent will hold the position until the next Annual General Meeting, at which time those positions will be open for re-election.


Article VII: Committees

Section 7.1

The Board of Directors may form committees from time to time to explore various aspects of policy, administration, league play and other subjects of interest to the league.

Section 7.2

Committees may consist of Board members, league members or agents as appointed by the Board of Directors. Chairs for committees will be appointed by the Board of Directors.