General League Rules

Final Draft Completed August 30, 2016



·         All standard World Pool Association 8-ball rules apply to game play.

·         The League will be Dual sanctioned with BCA and CCS.



·         League play will begin on September 13 and end on April 18. Playoffs will be held on April 22. Divisional play downs will be held April 25 and May 2. Banquet will be held May 9



·         Team rosters shall consist of a maximum of 8 players (active players at any time prior to the start of the 2nd round).

·         New players must be registered on the first match they play by advising the League in writing on the score sheet (include full name, phone number and email address).

·         New players who return for a third week are required to pay all player fees prior to playing. Any points awarded up to and going forward will be forfeited until fees are paid. Any forfeited points will affect overall team results.

·         Once registration has been paid that player is locked into that team.

·         Team rosters are frozen after the end of the first round.

·         Any team that cannot field a full roster on a regular basis after the rosters are frozen may have their situation reviewed by the Board.




·         Match locations and tables will be as assigned by the League Operator or designate.

·         The match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time (7:00pm). A player can be penalized for a loss of game if they are absent (subject to captains’ agreement).

·         Captains are responsible for making sure each player knows who, when and where they are playing.

·         To speed up play, teams have the option of allowing players to play both round games at once provided both captains agree. In this situation, players will alternate the break.

·         In the event of a dispute, a referee can be designated for match rulings provided both players agree that the referee is knowledgeable, competent and unbiased.

·         If the wrong player breaks, the game carries on. It is up to both players to know who was supposed to break.

·         If it is noticed during a game that a player is playing the wrong player, the game is stopped and the right players play. If it was not noticed until after the game was finished, the game will stand if they are scheduled to play each other later in the match. If they don’t, then that game is considered null and void.

·         If neither player notices that the 8 Ball is no longer on the table, the game is replayed with the same player breaking.

·         Any player who plays on another table during a match game that they are playing will be assessed an automatic game forfeit.

·         The terms “no call”, “just a shot” or any similar variation will be accepted as having said “safety”.

·         Display of poor sportsmanship may result in a game, match or Play-off forfeit as described in the Code of Conduct

·         Although the official World Pool Association rules specify “no coaching” during a game, all teams are asked to exercise good sportsmanship in this regard, especially in the first few weeks, when new teams and new players are adjusting to the game and League rules.

·         The use of the Magic Rack is permitted during Regular and Play-off matches provided it is made available to the opposing team if they do not have one and choose to use it.

·         All matches are considered to be “rack your own”

·         In the event to a cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, a “make-up” match will be scheduled for later in the week.

·         A team claiming a match forfeit takes all the match points from the point of forfeiture. Personal scores are not affected as a result of forfeiture.

·         All teams are required to have 5 players per match. If a team is short one player, your lowest handicapped player plays twice; once with their handicap and once with the highest handicap on the score sheet on your team. If short more than one player, it is considered a forfeit.

·         If the player without the lowest handicap plays – any games/points awarded will deemed null and void.

·         Any team that forfeits two consecutive matches or a total of three during the League Schedule will be automatically suspended from all further competition – subject to the Board’s discretion.

·         Any team or player may be suspended or expelled for conduct or actions deemed harmful to the best interests of the League as a whole, as described in the Code of Conduct.




·         The player registration fee of $40 is to be paid by the third night played.

·         Team Sponsorship fee of $300 is to be paid by the first week in November.

·         Match fee of $50 is to be paid before any matches are started, regardless of number of players.

·         All teams are required to pay the full match fees for the entire schedule, even in the event of a forfeited match or un-played make-up match, as the playoff pay-outs depend on it.

·         Should a team be suspended any and all fees paid to date by the expelled team, including any rights to prizes, shall be forfeited in their entirety to the League, as described in the Code of Conduct.




·         The final two weeks of the season will be reserved for divisional finals.

·         A round robin format will be used to determine the winner in each division.

·         The full regular season handicap scoring system will be in place.

·         Matches will consist of five rounds with each player playing each opposing player once.

·         Divisions will be determined by the Board of Directors, but must be as evenly split as possible and based purely on points accumulated over the course of the regular season.

·         Fees are the same as a regular league night.

·         The net income over the two weeks will be set aside for the league banquet and for prizes for the winning teams in each division.