Playoff Rules and Prizes

Final Draft Completed July 13, 2016 



·         In the Charlottetown 8-Ball League Playoffs teams compete in a tournament format against teams in the same division.

·         Prizes are awarded to the winning teams in each division.

·         Prize values are subject to budgetary allowances and are set by the Board of Directors.

·         Fees are the same as a regular league night.




·         All teams in the Charlottetown 8-Ball League are eligible to compete in the Playoffs.

·         All outstanding team fees must be paid unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by the Board of Directors.

·         Every player on a team’s roster must be a fully paid, registered member of the League.

·         A team’s roster must consist entirely of current team members.

·         Every player must have played the minimum number of 80 games.

·         Exceptions can be granted by the Board of Directors in certain circumstances including:

- Confirmed hospitalization

- Death-related absence

- Prior match forfeitures

·         Other exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.




·         All games and matches will be played according to the latest World Pool Association Standardized rules. Any additional league rules including the Code of Conduct will also be enforced.

·         Matches are a straight race to 13 with no handicaps.

·         A double elimination format will be in place.

·         Choice of being "Home" or "Visitor" is decided by a flip of a coin.

·         Players must be listed on both "Home" and "Visitor" score sheets before the start of the first round they play in.

·         Substitutions are allowed prior to the start of a round, provided the other team is notified in advance.  If an unplayable match up occurs (can’t play the same player twice), the team who caused it will be penalized by the awarding of a win to the other team.




·         One week prior to the Playoffs the Board of Directors will finalize division placement for all teams. The Board will first and foremost consider current standings. Players’ ability, team improvement over the season, roster changes, previous playoff wins and other factors will be considered.

·         Every team has the right to file an appeal with the Board of Directors over their division placement, or the placement of another team. All appeals will be subject to a Captains’ vote. The appealing team does not get a vote. If a team is appealing the placement of another team, neither of those teams gets a vote.




·         The winning team in each division will receive an equally valued travel allowance prize to be determined by the Board of Directors.

·         All non-winning teams willing to travel are entered in a draw for a Travel Allowance that will be determined by the Board of Directors based on budgetary allowances. The drawn team must confirm three current team members who are willing and able to travel before the prize is awarded. The full value of the prize will be determined before the draw takes place.

·         The total value of prizes will be equal the net income of the league up to and including the playoffs.

·         Winning teams are required to use a portion of their prize to pay for registration in a league sanctioned tournament of their choice. This fee will be paid by the Board of Directors and will be deducted from the value of the Travel Allowance prize.

·         It is up to individual winning teams to determine how the Travel Allowance will be used, with the exception of the tournament registration fee.

·         Travel Allowances will be awarded to the winning team captains once the team has agreed on which tournament they will enter. Teams have one month to decide on which tournament they will enter.

·         Once the tournament fee is paid, and the Travel Allowance is turned over to the team captain, the Board of Directors bears no further responsibility for the prize.